A generative NFT art series of 999 unique 3D CyberChooms, bearing scars and relics from their journeys across the Metaverse. Each NFT unlocks an additional free artwork/NFT of your own choosing - custom by request, or any of the artist's existing artworks/NFTs. Created by Gavin Barnett. See below for more information.
Terms and Conditions
- Upon purchase of a Cyberchoom on OpenSea you are entitled to an additional free artwork /NFT of your choosing. This can be a custom request or any existing artwork from the artist (including all images on instagram), however it must not be already owned by another entity.
- To request your custom artwork use the details in the unlockable section of the CyberChoom NFT on OpenSea.
- Buyers must own the CyberChoom NFT at the time of the request to receive the additional free artwork/NFT.
- Delivery can be through minting the image on the artists portfolio and transfering ownership to you, the buyer, or by sending the original file to you to do with as you wish. You have full ownership of the artwork/NFT.
- The delivery date is entirely dependant on demand levels as creating art takes time, so please be patient.
- If you wish to have your free artwork/NFT immediately, choose from any existing artwork from the artist. See instagram for examples. You can choose another CyberChoom, but that does not get you another free artwork/NFT again as it has not been purchased, no infinite wishes!
- Requests of custom artworks/NFTs deemed inappropiate, such as depicting any form of prejudice, will not be accepted.
- Upon delivery, you must accept the result, any artwork/NFT change requests will not be done, unless very minor.
- If you choose to sell your CyberChoom NFT, you will keep ownership your additional artwork/NFT, they are seperate.
- Any new buyers are also entitled to the additional free artwork/NFT, providing it is purchased above the original minimum value. 

Many of the models in this series fall under the Creative Commons license (4.0), here is a list of the various 3D artists who have contributed. If you have been left out of the list please get in touch.

Also a special thanks to friends and family for the support.